Why ChumCutter?

  • You can cut a 5 gallon bucket of bait in 3 minutes
    On my boat, no one minds cutting the bait anymore — it is quick, clean & easy.
  • Easy to store, fits on any size boat
    You don’t need to dedicate space. ChumCutter can be tucked away after it’s used.
  • Easy clean up
    Minimal blood spillage. After cutting just rinse — that’s it!
  • Can cut soft or half frozen bait
  • Cuts any kind of fish that will fit inside
    You can cut 3″ sardines or 4lb mackerel — it all work!
  • Built to last for years
    Made out of high density marine grade plastic, stainless steel & industrial rubber.
  • Floats if dropped overboard
  • Your fingers and hands will thank you
    Cut a pile of fish at once, vs. one or two fish at a time
  • Your mate will thank you
    Less mess; quicker, safer work.
  • You’ll have more help actually fishing
    When you’re cutting bait your eyes aren’t on the water, fish finder or your lines — where you need them.
  • A great gift for that friend who takes you fishing
    So you get invited again!

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