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Gloucester, MA 01930

Steve Corbett
Phone: 978-764-2265

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Steve, I am looking to purchase the chum cutter 7 slots like the one in the video, by the way the seagull sound is very original. My husband loves it. I want to surprise him for his bday. West Marine in Brick NJ had 2 of them for sale but were gone in a matter of weeks and when I went to buy one they were gone. They were “manager specials” so Im not sure they will be able to get anymore. They are calling me in a few days.
    Can I buy one online thru you? I’ve tried to purchase one but I can’t get into that phase of your website.
    What is the cost and please let me know where I can get one.
    Thank you
    Cindy Cruise

  2. Checking in to see if you have any chum boxes in. I’m a full time guide in Tampa. At and running 73 days straight for tarpon season, could really use one and none of the racks shops here can get them. If I order one direct how long will it take to get one shipped to Florida?

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