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Buy-MainThe ChumCutter is a simple tool to make your fishing life much easier.  It is made by me, here in the USA. By using this tool your bait cutting will be simpler, safer and less messy! Fabricated out of marine-grade marine SeaBoard®, the ChumCutter is extremely durable.  Starboard is warp resistant, and non absorbent.  Basically that means you can leave it on your boat, rinse to clean and not worry about it too much. Made with stainless steel fasteners and tough plastic handles for enhanced durability. The entire product is 14x15x8, and weighs about 10 pounds. It is portable, easy to clean, easy to use, and will last for years, and every ChumCutter includes a FREE 10″ Dexter knife and ships FREE in the US.


11-Slot ChumCutter  – Our most popular  model cuts 1-1/4″ baits.  We had a lot of requests for just a straight 11 Slot from all over the world.
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$229.00 Includes FREE 10″ Dexter knife and FREE shipping!

The Canyon Chumcutter The Canyon Is an 11 slot model with additional slots on either end so you can cut through the long way for even smaller chunks. Works great for wide baits like butterfish and menhaden. Slots are spaced at 1-1/4 ”

Buy Now $229.00

$229.00 Includes FREE 10″ Dexter knife and FREE shipping!

The New 14 Slot ChumCutter The 14 Slot ChumCutter has a 1″ spacing between slots.  This was requested by some of the best rod & reel fisherman on the East & West Coasts.

Buy Now $229.00

$229.00 Includes FREE 10″ Dexter knife and FREE shipping!

*****All international orders will receive a separate invoice to cover difference in shipping cost *****

6 thoughts on “Buy a ChumCutter

  1. Are these in stock? Say the 11 slots ? How long does it take?
    The next bunch will be shipped out on Thursday, ships UPS ground

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